The Phoenix Crisis - Richard Sanders

The Phoenix Crisis

By Richard Sanders

  • Release Date: 2012-12-31
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 4.5
From 285 Ratings


A storm is brewing. Eager war fleets patrol the edges of human space, waiting.

The leaders of the Phoenix Conspiracy are poised to usher in The Hour of Ascension. And it is up to Calvin to expose the conspiracy before the Empire collapses in a firestorm of civil war.

Deadly isotome weapons remain at large, forces across every border are arming for war, and now even the monarchy itself is threatened by the chaos. From the blood-soaked soil of Renora, where the very strength of the Empire is tested, to the political maneuverings of the Imperial Assembly, the stability that once safeguarded human-kind is now merely a memory.

Meanwhile the deadliest assassin in the galaxy lurks in the shadows, ready to change the course of history—if his god wills it. And Shen's life hangs by a thread.

The Organization, the Akiras, CERKO, the Advent, the Phoenix Ring... it all comes down to this moment. And the question on everyone's mind is, can the Empire survive? Or will it be lost to the tempest.


  • Outstanding.

    By A.S. Woodill
    Another great book in an outstanding series.
  • Good read but.....

    By Chrisnapos
    I enjoyed reading this book but not more than the first two in this series. There seemed to be too much political maneuvering and less action than I was used to in the first two books. I also feel that the timeline needed to be clearer. It seems that the entire book took about a few days . The author needs to make time passing away clear. Lastly, there were a lot of misspellings and grammar errors. This should not be the case if you are buying a book for this price. The action at the end was exciting. With all this being said I can't wait for the fourth installment and I am yearning for a conclusion to this saga and the beginning of another.
  • Phoenix

    By Radjin
    While the series is well written, every tale should have an ending. I feel that I have been manipulated into a plot not unlike Harry Potter. I am willing to go one more book, but will not purchase anything by Richard Sanders if he continues to stretch his stories.
  • Love it

    By Mbrooks0310
    Can't wait for the next one!!!
  • Great Characters

    By CMartinPerk
    Next great TV series... We can only hope! You get 5 stars when I'm totally disappointed when I come to the end... Can't wait for book 4. Keep em coming!
  • The Phoenix series

    By Dadkins788
    While this series is interesting and well written, it seems flawed in that Mr. Sanders isn't able to bring an ending to any of the books. They are one continuous book. Most series I have read continue on with characters but bring each book to a close. This way you can read each book without reading every book. Mr. Sanders drags the reader through each book without any ending. In the 3rd book there are paragraphs that seem to ramble on and on. As if to fill space. I ask Mr. Richards, just how long and how many books will this series include.
  • Spectacular!!

    By JotaPe2011
    I am so ready for The Phoenix War to come out! I am craving more of this series! I thought I new what to expect, but this book just blew me away like the first two.
  • Enjoyable

    By duomaxwell
    When I first came across the first book as a free book drew interest but as I read on and on I got hooked and have been every since I hope the fourth comes out soon if your a fan of sci fi then the Phoenix series is the books for u
  • Issues with Time

    By SethDillingham
    The first two books in this series had some serious problems with anachronisms, like old-fashioned computer terminals and paper being used on a galactic starship. Get past those, and the story is quite enjoyable. This third book has a few anachronisms of its own (limousines — cars !? — being used on the capital planet of the galaxy). In fact, other than the starships, most of the technology seems to be "early 21st century." Unfortunately, there's a more serious "time"-related problem than the anachronisms, and once seen it quickly becomes quite distracting... and unfortunately, it's the story's timeline. As far as I can tell, the story takes place in just a matter of weeks. We're constantly being told how long it takes for the ships to get from one star to another, and the longest seems to be a couple of days. They never seem to spend much time at their destinations. Yet, the characters often reminisce about things which have been happening, or relationships which have been developing... even though they it must have all been within the last few days. (I could provide examples, but I don't want to provide any spoilers.) One last criticism: when writing a story about space travel, you really ought to have some idea of the scale of things. The idea of sending a "probe" out to check for the existence of an element in an entire nebula is ridiculous. Utterly. What **IS** enjoyable about this series is the complexity of the plot, the mystery, and the "good old boy in a crazy universe" aspect of the hero. In spite of my criticisms, I'm still looking forward to the next book.
  • Great book

    By C0yster
    This is book three, and just like books one and two, this was an excellent piece of work that will leave you wanting to read the next book right away. The author has a very nice style of writing that I found very enjoyable. Calvin Cross is a great protagonists and this book continues to follow the lt. Cdr. As he tries to uncover the Phoenix conspiracy.